The FTC PRO PLUS™ offers law enforcement officers a dependable and efficient solution for crowd control, patrol encounters and other situations. Designed with practicality in mind, this upgraded launcher features a lightweight and sturdy glass nylon build, making it durable and easy to handle. Equipped with a semi-automatic firing mechanism, the FTC PROPLUS™ launches 10-12 rounds per second, enabling law enforcement officers to rapidly react and effectively manage dynamic situations. 

A high-capacity hopper that can accommodate up to 160 standard round projectiles, significantly minimizing the frequency of reloads. This is complemented by a premium 15 Cubic Inch 4500psi capacity carbon fiber tank, designed for sustained operation, a key factor in managing long-duration crowd control situations. Additionally, the MIL-STD-1913 rail provides the flexibility for officers to add various attachments. 

The FTC PRO PLUS™ non-lethal launcher operates without recoil, aiding in accurate and controlled deployment, essential in tense situations. A cross-bolt safety switch and an adjustable front foregrip provide secure handling and additional comfort. The FTC PRO PLUS™ stands as an essential asset for law enforcement, expertly blending top-tier performance, safety, and adaptability to navigate the complex requirements of modern policing.