These extremely potent PepperBalls contain the highest concentration of PepperBall products. With 10x more active ingredient than conventional pepperballs (PAVA synthetic capsaicin), this special ammunition achieves an extraordinarily high effect on the target and unfolds a fine cloud of powder on impact, which remains highly effective even in strong winds. The Live X are made of plastic, so they are extremely resistant to environmental influences and therefore very safe to use. In Germany, pepper balls, like e.g. all other pepper spray products, are only approved for repelling animals, but may also be used for self-defense if there is a risk to life and limb. In the USA and other countries, this highly effective powder is used successfully by authorities, for example. The powder works both under direct impact and for area coverage up to 45 meters. PepperBall ammunition offers several advantages over defensive sprays. Even at distances of over 20 meters, the bullets burst without any problems and can be fired with great precision.

- Live X PAVA Projectiles by PepperBall
- For cal. 68
- Approx. 20% PAVA filling (synthetic capsaicin), 10x stronger than usual pepperballs
- Safe plastic case
- Ultrasonic welded
- 100% waterproof
- Operating temperature from -34°C to 65°C
- Non-flammable
- Made in the USA
- 375 pieces included

Attention: Only approved for animal repellent! Shooting at people is prohibited. Irrespective of this, the personal right to self-defence applies in justified cases - see also § 32 StGB self-defence, emergency.