A more concentrated formula containing approximately 10 times the amount of PAVA of the VXR LIVE projectile. Excellent for direct impact or area saturation.

The VXR Live-MAXX provides greater range and accuracy compared to a standard round ball projectile.

Intended for animal defense only in Germany.


  •     Formula: PAVA powder
  •     Shelf life: 3 years storable
  •     Options: Pack of 50
  •     Caliber: .68 *
  •     Recommended operating temperature: -35 °C to 65 °C
  •     Maximum distance: direct impact: 45 m; area coverage: 118+ m
  •     Product weight: 3.4 g


  •     Ultrasonically welded and spin stabilized.
  •     Shell color indicates fill/weight (here: 2.5 g)
  •     100% waterproof and non-flammable
  •     possible speed from 280 to 425 fps

To note with the VXR: not compatible with standard Magfed markers but only with the following launchers:

Pepperball: TCP, Patrol Carbine/PPC, VKS

Umarex: HDS68, HDR68